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Our mission is to promote mental health and wellness across the spectrum of gender identities and sexual orientations through education, training and clinical services at Stanford and beyond.

This is an official guide to resources and information pertaining to trans, non-binary, and gender questioning students at Stanford. This resource guide is a constantly evolving collaborative effort between members of the Stanford trans community, staff, and the many offices, services, programs and organizations at Stanford committed to supporting them.




A discussion, support, and community space series created directly from requests by you, the students. Each meeting hopes to create space for a particular group to explore the unique experiences, challenges, and positives of questioning identity. Food provided and no RSVP necessary!


Jan 16 bisexuality

Jan 30 gender identity

Feb 13 asexuality and aromanticism

Feb 27 spirituality & queerness/LGBTQ+ identity

All are welcome to visit QSpot 12-5 on weekdays. However, we ask that you join the discussion only if you identify with the week’s topic. Thank you for understanding!


The QT Fund is hosting Queer Student $$ Pool on January 22, 2020 from 12-1 to bring together on campus partners in supporting students to remove financial barriers to thriving at Stanford. Our vision includes having partners present to supply students with as many connections as possible to not only allow our funds to go farther but for students to learn more how their departments and other areas at Stanford are interested in being supportive.