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The Weiland Health Initiative resolutely believes that #BlackLivesMatter. We extend an open invitation to our Black queer, trans, and non-binary community members to connect with us via brief therapy sessions and/or to also use Weiland Connects sessions to process feelings and experiences, discuss resources, and more. Weiland continues to offer both brief therapy and Weiland Connects sessions for all. You can schedule these by either going to VadenPatientPortal or directly scheduling with Deb Schneider ( or Marissa Floro (

Racial equity, social justice values, and aspirations of liberation are the foundations of Weiland’s work and training. As a mostly White-staffed organization, we continue to combat our own internalized anti-Blackness through diversity, equity, and inclusion discussion and affinity groups and trainings. As individuals and a staff, we protest in solidarity and in support of abolishing systems that cause harm and dehumanize; we are committed to challenging each other as well as working with staff, faculty and clients who share our identities to be better co-conspirators in the dismantling of White Supremacy.


We want to particularly specify our unwavering belief that #BlackTransLivesMatter. With the targeted murders of Black trans and gender expansive folx, systemic and interpersonal violence, and recent roll-back of protections for transgender folx seeking health care, we know that continued solidarity and vigilant action is needed.

Weiland also knows that #BlackLivesMatter and that #BlackTransLivesMatter are irrefutable truths that must be honored with more than just a solidarity statement.

We will continue to transparently post our specific action steps to achieve the following:

1. Centering Black queer, trans, and non-binary educators, therapists, modes of healing and making these resources available to students
2. Ongoing re-envisioning of Stanford systems to serve Queer and Trans Black, Indigenous, and other people of color (QTBIPOC)
3. Funding QTBIPOC initiatives, events, and programs
4. Engaging in ongoing Whiteness accountability groups and racial justice education within Weiland and Vaden Health Services
5. Solidarity efforts and projects with other non-Black POC organizations on and off campus

We continue to be open to feedback in our programming, approaches, and work in order to best serve the Black Stanford community.


Our mission is to promote mental health and wellness across the spectrum of gender identities and sexual orientations through education, training and clinical services at Stanford and beyond.


Weiland Health Initiative continues to provide virtual drop-in hours called Weiland Connects and brief individual therapy through Zoom. At this time, we are only licensed to provide individual therapy to students currently in California, but are absolutely providing Weiland Connects and to folx no matter their location.

We are continuing to create virtual programming for our communities and hope to be able to update this page with more resources and online events soon. 

For updates on COVID-19, please visit the Vaden Health Services webpage

For more information on queer services for the fall, click on the icon to the left, or follow this link!

Want to make a Zoom appointment with Weiland? If you have paid the Health Fee, go to VadenPatientPortal to sign up for one of our virtual Weiland Connects sessions or directly schedule with Deb Schneider ( or Marissa Floro (!    


YogaX & Weiland Health Initiative present:

Queer Yoga

Join YogaX and Weiland Initiative for a collaboration to provide a drop-in live stream yoga space for those who identify in the LBGTQ+ community. This class will be for all levels of yoga experience and will provide modifications for poses and props to meet ALL body needs. Feel free to invite partners, roommates, children and pets to practice with you.

Wednesdays 4:30-5:30 pm  PST

Click this link for the event zoom URL and password!


QT Fund 2020!

As part of QSR and Weiland’s mission to support the health and wellness of students in the queer and trans* communities, the QT Fund is designed to support fees associated with access to resources related to gender and sexuality.

We created The QT Umbrella Assistance Fund (The QT Fund) as a systemic way to address and support students lived experience of being non binary/trans/queer and to acknowledge the specific financial hurdles students encounter and burdens they bear when navigating systems of inequity at Stanford and beyond. We strive to be rooted in transparency and equity, to not act as gatekeepers, and to trust students' processes, transitions, and lived realities.

This can include fees and funds needed to access:
--Mental health counseling (ex: out of pocket or co-pays);
--Gender affirmative medical services (ex: hormones/surgery costs);
--Legal services (ex: changing gender markers, or other legal documentation).

Have more questions? Check out this handy FAQ page!

Check out the events page to see current events and updates to the QT Fund!

For any questions email Deb Schneider, LCSW at


2020 Election First Aid & Support

The Presidential election may cause anxiety, stress, uncertainty, and many other feelings. Weiland has teamed up with QSR, Well-Being, YogaX and more to provide supports and resources for the queer community in such anxiety-provoking times. 

1. Click the image to the left to download an Election First Aid Kit, adapted from  our wonderful WHA's Holiday First Aid Kit.

2. Weekly Queer Meditation: Engage daily with other queer folx across the country to ground and soothe yourself during election week by going to this event link detailing each meditation of election week. Also check out Queer Yoga on Wednesday at 4:30 pm. You can learn more and register here

3. Look out for specific election events through listservs and our event page to come together as a community to take care of each other.