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Wellness 140: Wellness through Queerness


Wellness 140: Wellness through Queerness

Explore the intersection of queerness, sexuality and wellbeing. Learn skills and practices to associate queerness with thriving and flourishing. This course integrates empirical psychological and neuroscientific research, community history, and health psychoeducation to provide frameworks for exploration. An interactive structure supports the reflection and development of your relationship with self, community, and queerness.

Offered by Weiland's Marissa Floro, PhD in Fall 2021 and Spring 2022

Wellness 191: Peer Education in Comprehensive Sexual Health

Wellness 191: Peer Education in Comprehensive Sexual Health

Check out this 1-2 unit discussion-based class on sex literacy called Peer Education in Comprehensive Sexual Health (Wellness 191)! Come to learn and talk openly about anything and everything sex and sexual health-related, from pleasure and kink to birth control methods, and many topics in between. You will also have the opportunity to become a counselor and educator at Stanford’s Sexual Health Peer Resource Center (SHPRC).

Fill out this form if interested:)

Held Fall, Winter & Spring quarter

Course taught by Weiland's Marissa Floro, PhD & Weiland Health Associates Hiran Dewar & Alice Serenska

Tip Cards

To accompany Weiland presentations and trainings, we have created a series of take-away tip cards that outline a variety of topics including asking and disclosing pronouns, explaining the difference between sexuality and gender, and more in order to provide folks with tangible reminders and best practices in working towards gender and sexual inclusivity.

For access to these cards and the toolkits they’re a part of, contact us at

Student Workshops & Conversations

Weiland staff create and facilitate a range of workshops and conversations focusing on different communities, intersections, and issues within the LGBTQ+ community. If you would like to plan something similarly for your organization, please contact us at or request an outreach with this form.

World Sexual Health Day

As an affiliate of the World Association for Sexual Health, Weiland Health Initiative hosts a free annual conference that highlights an aspect of gender and sexual identities. On September 26, 2019, we were honored to host World Sexual Health Day on behalf of North America for the third time at Stanforfd University.

Join us virtually on September 25, 2020, for our next World Sexual Health Day- North America, focusing on the idea that Pleasure Matters. 

Learn more HERE.

Gender & Sexual Identities Consult Group

Weiland Health Initiative holds a biweekly multidisciplinary clinical consultation group that focuses on issues related to gender and sexual identities. Our group includes psychologists, social workers, psychology trainees, psychiatrists, and physicians. Our group offers a safe space for discussing cases, as well as a chance to work together with the aim of greater social justice and inclusivity on campus. It also provides an opportunity to reflect together on our own identities, and how they impact our work and worldviews.

Gender & Sexual Identities Clinical Training Rotation

Each spring quarter, we offer a 10-week clinical rotation focused on providing psychotherapy to students across the spectrum of gender and sexual identities. This rotation is designed for our pre-doctoral psychology interns, as well as for other clinicians on staff who wish to improve their competence in this area. The rotation tends to be interactive, engaging and unconventional in its teaching techniques. Topics covered include:

  • queer theory and identity development
  • queer history
  • queer family building
  • kink/BDSM
  • consensual nonmonogamy/polyamory
  • affirming language
  • sexuality and faith
  • trans identities
  • interpersonal and sexual violence in queer relationships
  • queer people of color
  • bisexuality and pansexuality

If you are a health provider at Stanford and would like to improve your clinical and cultural competence working with gender and sexual diversity issues in your practice, please consider joining our Gender and Sexual Diversity Clinical Rotation. To learn more or inquire about joining, please email

Workshops & Presentations

Would your course, department, or program benefit from more knowledge around gender and sexual identities? We are available to offer presentations or workshops to any size audience. Available topics include:

Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation 101
Queer Inclusivity & Pronoun Practice
LGBTQ Relationship Violence and Sexual Assault
Queer Mental Health
Making Your Workplace More LGBTQ Friendly 

& more!

Start the process by filling out this request form. We are excited to collaborate with you!

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