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Tip Cards

To accompany Weiland presentations and trainings, we have created a series of take-away tip cards that outline a variety of topics including asking and disclosing pronouns, explaining the difference between sexuality and gender, and more in order to provide folks with tangible reminders and best practices in working towards gender and sexual inclusivity.

For access to these cards and the toolkits they’re a part of, contact us at

GLAM: Gender Liberation & Awareness Month

Founded in 2009, International Trans Day of Visibility is celebrated every March 31st. As community members, GLAM organizers question the utility of visibility in a transphobic world, and feel that one day of recognition is not enough.

In response, we created a month of programming centering trans & gender non-conforming folks in conversation about gender justice & liberation.

We aim to:

  • center trans and gender non-conforming (TGNC) folks in discussions of gender violence, equality, and liberation,
  • celebrate TGNC communities on campus and beyond, and
  • educate and provide concrete channels of action for potential allies.

Student Workshops & Conversations

Weiland staff create and facilitate a range of workshops and conversations focusing on different communities, intersections, and issues within the LGBTQ+ community. If you would like to plan something similarly for your organization, please contact us at or request an outreach with this form.

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