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Gender Inclusive Stanford (GIS)

For over a decade, different groups and individuals have worked to improve the administrative systems and lived experience of transgender, gender non-conforming, and gender non-binary students and members of the Stanford community. Gender Inclusive Stanford is the newest iteration of these efforts. GIS brings together a wide range of staff, faculty, and students to understand the necessity of a gender inclusive campus and our respective roles to play in creating that reality. Through the work of focus areas and cross-campus collaborations, we seek to identify priorities, set benchmarks, and work toward meaningful progress for all members of our campus community. As part of this work, we aim to bring transparency and visibility to our efforts and to be as inclusive as possible for modes of participation and input.

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Conference Funding

Weiland Health Initiative is able to provide financial assistance to Stanford students who wish to attend gender and sexual identities-themed conferences or wish to conduct research on gender and sexual identities and health.

In order to apply for a research or conference grant, please complete the application form HERE.

QT Umbrella Assistance Fund (QT Fund)


As part of QSR and Weiland’s mission to support the health and wellness of students in the queer and trans communities, we are piloting a program designed to support students' medical, legal, and mental health fees associated with areas related to gender and sexuality. We created The QT Umbrella Assistance Fund (The QT Fund) as a systemic way to address and support students lived experience of being Non Binary/Trans/Queer and to acknowledge the specific financial hurdles students encounter and burdens they bear when navigating systems of inequity at Stanford and beyond. We strive to be rooted in transparency and equity, to not act as gatekeepers, and to trust students' processes, transitions, and lived realities.

Grants up to $500 per student per academic year can be awarded and made available up front, not just for reimbursement.  The review committee will meet to review applications after each round of submissions.

This can include fees and funds needed to access:
--Mental health counseling (ex: out of pocket or co-pays);
--Gender affirmative medical services (ex: hormones/surgery costs);
--Legal services (ex: changing gender markers, or other legal documentation).

In addition to funds provided by the Weiland Health Initiative and Queer Student Resources, the QT Fund includes a generous contribution from the Provost and Vice Provost of Student Affairs in acknowledgment of the higher rates of gender based violence and lower rates of connection to the University and its systems, experienced by Non Binary/Trans/Queer students.

All enrolled students at Stanford are eligible, including postdocs. Exceptions can be made for students on health-related leaves of absence. No prior involvement in or affiliation with Weiland, CAPS, Vaden, or QSR is required. Our intention is for these funds to be used to support students to access services and other resources not available on campus.

Want more information? Check out these FAQs!

For any questions email Deb Schneider, LCSW at

Official Trans Guide



This is an official guide to resources and information pertaining to trans, non-binary, and gender questioning students at Stanford. This resource guide is a constantly evolving collaborative effort between members of the Stanford trans community, staff, and the many offices, services, programs and organizations at Stanford committed to supporting them.

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