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Identity Buddy & spectrums

A handy sheet discussing the differences between gender identity, gender presentation, attraction, and sex. The sheet also discusses how each of these identities spans spectrums and has multiple dimensions.








Identity Buddy & tips

A tip card discussing nuances in gender and sex, things to consider, and best practices for inclusive language and allyship.






How to be a trans and non-binary ally

An inforgraphic card outlining some basic considerations and best practices in being an ally to folx along the gender spectrum.


















Navigating campus restrooms

A card discussing FAQs about all-gender restrooms, some campus considerations, and QR codes to access more resources and information.





IPV in queer community

An inforgraphic card outlining important interpersonal violence concepts, how they manifest, and how they show up in LGBTQ+ relationships.



















Explaining attraction

A tip card explaining different kinds of attraction and strategies on how to broaden our minds and language.






PrEP 101

An info sheet discussing basic facts about PrEP and answering common questions. 











Dear Family,

For all the excitement around “going home” over break, the end of the quarter can also be an incredibly lonely, stressful, and painful time for LGBTQ+ and queer-identifying folks as gender, sexuality, and identity overlap with family dynamics and the observance of holidays that celebrate colonization. As queer people who have been through our share of difficult winters, we want you to know that it’s okay to feel sad or anxious or nervous about navigating the upcoming break. It’s okay to not want to “go home.” It’s okay to spend this time with friends or chosen family. It’s okay to not celebrate at all.

In this first aid kit, you’ll find advice, numbers for shelters and hotlines, links to affirming holiday messages from queer content creators, and step-by-step guides for administering emotional self-care. Whether it’s your first queer holiday at Stanford or your last, know that you’re not alone -- reach out if you want or need to talk anytime.

We’re listening.
With radical love, Jay Liu (they/them/theirs) & Vianna Vo (she/her/hers)
Weiland Health Associates 2019-2020



Check out this Stanford Library collection for gender resources you can access through Stanford Library, free online, or for purchase!

If you'd like to suggest a resource, feel free to email us at!