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QT Fund Office Hour

Friday, October 16, 2020 - 11:00 am

QT FUND 2020!

As part of QSR and Weiland’s mission to support the health and wellness of students in the queer and trans* communities, the QT Fund is designed to support fees associated with access to resources related to gender and sexuality.

We created The QT Umbrella Assistance Fund (The QT Fund) as a systemic way to address and support students lived experience of being non binary/trans/queer and to acknowledge the specific financial hurdles students encounter and burdens they bear when navigating systems of inequity at Stanford and beyond. We strive to be rooted in transparency and equity, to not act as gatekeepers, and to trust students' processes, transitions, and lived realities.

This can include fees and funds needed to access:
--Mental health counseling (ex: out of pocket or co-pays);
--Gender affirmative medical services (ex: hormones/surgery costs);
--Legal services (ex: changing gender markers, or other legal documentation).


Have more questions? Check out this handy FAQ page or come to our QT Fund Office hour, Friday Oct. 9 11:00 am PDT! Email Deb Schneider, LCSW at for zoom info!

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